I love teaching! From beginner introductions to polymer clay and multiple day polymer clay boot camps to project oriented classes that are packed with fundamentals. If you would be interested in one of my classes or have any questions, please contact me at

Fandango Polymer Clay Retreat

I am currently scheduled to teach ‘Making Your Mark With Kandinsky’ at Fandango Polymer Clay Retreat, May 2 to 5, 2019. I am one of the three teachers scheduled that also include Maureen Carlson and Toni Ransfield (how fun will that be!). For retreat details go to the Orlando Area Polymer Clay Guild website (

Yuhr-Kandinsky Bracelet
Making Your Mark with Kandinsky Bracelet

Bead and Button

I will be teaching five classes at Bead and Button, June 6 to 9, 2019. This is my second year teaching there and I am excited to be back. Class details and registration are found at

Mod Mondrian Lariats: Color mixing and pattern design inspired by Mondrian are used to create deceptively simple but graphically powerful polymer clay canes. The application of these canes will be in the form of a veneer to create a focal piece used for a lariat along with a few supporting beads.

Yuhr-Mondrian Lariats
Mod Mondrian Lariats, June 6th, Thursday 8:30am-3:30pm

Gone Fishin’: Colors pop with this fun and whimsical fish design that moves as you wear it. This class will provide an introduction to polymer clay and some of the basic foundation canes that are jumping off points for more complex designs.

Gone Fishin’, June 7th, Friday 9am-4pm

Three in Three Earrings: Three pair of earring will be completed in three hours. Create a color way in polymer clay to inlay and enhance the new wooden components by Banyan Bay Studios (wooden components will be available in multiple colors). 

Three in Three Earrings, June 7th, Friday 6pm-9pm

Picasso-Inspired Portraits in Polymer: These abstracted faces in polymer clay were inspired by Picasso. They will pop with any outfit and can either be worn as a pin or a pendant! The bright color-blends capture the light and the layered shapes provide depth for these pieces.

Picasso Inspired Portraits in Polymer: June 8th, Saturday 9am-4pm

Channeling Mondrian: A colorful introduction to caning with polymer clay using a design inspired by Mondrian. Veneers are then created and inlayed into wooden components by Banyan Bay Studios. The natural warmth of the wood along with the colorful patterns of the polymer cane combine to provide a great focal pendant.

Channeling Mondrian Pendant: June 9th, Sunday 9am-noon