Hi-ya, Lynn here! After decades of being way too rigid, I am finally listening to the sage advice of my mother “never take yourself too seriously”. As a result, I have become an enthusiastic supporter of having fun, letting go of expectations and allowing my hands to busy themselves with various artistic ventures! So why the blog, you ask? Well, I have beat the inner critic into submission (for the time being) and found that every time I share one of my passions, I learn, and usually lots! Join me, as I share inspiration, projects, musings and tutorials. On what, you ask? Well . . .  I will try anything at least once, and buy all the tools and supplies to do it. But right now the focus is polymer clay, wire working, book making, art journaling, sketching and traveling. I use the word focus loosely because I am typically leaping from project to project, hence the flying squirrel. Who knows what will happen next?

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  1. Terrry Carley says:

    Hi, Lynn – I am trying to reach you about your last email to me about the lovely pieces I asked aboout buying – I want them all – can we do another layaway? I do so love your work. I am sorry I have been so long in answering your email to me about them but I have been having terrrible email problems – oh please say you still have them and I may buy them!!!!! And that you will make the bracelet and or pendant!!!!

    How is the Karst? I love geology and rocks and stones and strata and stratum and sediment and good brown dark rich dirt – a bit out of your field. But related, right? And gem stones and how they form. I love it all. One of my goals in life is to see Bryce Canyon but I understand it is a long hike – oh and how did Ayer’s Rock get in the middle of nowhere Australia? Sigh. What fun you must have had in Vietnam – I hope so anyway. Those cypress knee-like karst coming out of the rivers they always photograph in foggy weather must be ethereal or formidable when seen while you are floating down the river – please write back and tell me about it!

    Best wishes,
    Terrry Carley


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