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I’m Off On An Adventure!

As Bilbo Baggins ran through the shire, shouting, at the beginning of the Hobbit movie (okay, I am a nerd)!! But I really am off on an adventure. I mentioned earlier in the year all the planning, research and general … Continue reading

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Catching Up

The last couple of months have been spent jumping from one project/trip to another. This level of over planning and over commitment is kind of how I operate. With the pressure on . . . . driving me forward. At … Continue reading

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Early Riser

I am not a morning person. For those that know me, this statement might evoke a ‘laugh-out-loud” response. While I like mornings, I want them to be leisurely, sipping coffee, thinking about the day ahead. It is probably in response … Continue reading

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Trip Planning . . . Again!

It has been awhile, but the travel bug reared it’s head again and I have a full schedule. Hubby and I have talked for years about going to southeast Asia. The history, the temples, the geology! We were thinking 2018 … Continue reading

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More Inspiration

On our recent adventures I had the opportunity to tramp around Seattle. I really love that city! There is so much to do and see there. And yes, I previously posted photos of the city that caught my eye and … Continue reading

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I am not crazy (my opinion)!!

New Zealand in 9 days, . . . they said it couldn’t be done . . . they said I was crazy! Every single person I spoke to about my trip before we left, shook their heads in disappointment . … Continue reading

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Artiest Review – the good, the bad and the ugly

First let me say there was no bad and there was no ugly. The art trades, the classes and vendor night, it was ALL good, really good!! Artist trades were very well received, yeah!! . . . . . but … Continue reading

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