Hello 2020

I just finished my first creative project of the year and I am pretty happy with how it turned out! My youngest grandson, Patrick, had seen some custom sneakers and asked for a pair of white canvas sneakers and markers as his present . . . . but only if I participated! So I thought ‘that’s cool, I love doodling’. 

So I pulled together supplies. Various markers, colors, tip widths, stains for fabric and paint pens. 

Just the beginning of the marker collection!

I also thought there would be a ‘lets look for inspiration and ideas’ part of the project. So I searched my bookshelves and found all sorts of materials. Please note, the coloring book of swear words was not shared with my grandson, although it is a favorite of mine!

Coloring books for inspiration

Well Patrick had a design very well established in his mind from the start . . .  color blocking in sections. I asked if he wanted any patterns or symbols. But he very confidently said no. He knocked his project out and was wearing them in no time. 

I on the other hand was in my zone of overthinking . . . . everything!  First I sketched in pencil.

Then I outlined with black marker. 

Then I colored in. This could have gone on for quite some time. Darkening the layers. Shading the layers. Adding little tone on tone stripes and circles.  But at some point I had to call this done!

This was a nice creative stretch to begin the year and I can’t wait to wear them!! Are they perfect?? Not by a long shot. But that wasn’t the objective. I had the opportunity to do a project with my grandson (that he actually initiated!).  I had fun. And I used the skills I had (and some I didn’t, haha) on a completely new project. It felt good. This year I am hoping to do a bit more creative stretching. I just started a beginner ceramics class with my hubby!! I hope you can add some creative stretches to your year.  It will feel so good, I promise!

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4 Responses to Hello 2020

  1. Katharina says:

    Wow, I love this. Does the color wash out?


    • My initial reaction is ‘who washes their sneakers????’, LOL! But to be honest these will be my in door, teaching shoes, at least for awhile. The markers are for fabric and can be used on t-shirts and washed. So no I don’t expect them to wash out or run. Fingers crossed!


  2. Aida says:

    Patrick was so happy to read this post!


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