What’s That Buzzing

If you listen closely you can hear it. It’s an intense buzzing sound in my brain as I zero in on another trip.  Yes, my brain is busy overthinking . . . . reviewing packing lists, checking sizes of luggage, researching the climates that we will be in and more than anything WHAT KIND OF TRAVEL JOURNAL WILL I TAKE???? Yup, that’s the top of the list.

So I started making my set of covers and painting papers. It was okay, but didn’t grab me  . . . . or my imagination.  But I plodded along.

Then,  . . .  then I saw it!!  In one of my piles of materials,  . . . . bulging at the seams . . . .  I remembered saving parts of an old emergency rescue raft.  At this point you might be thinking ‘What is she talking about’. Let me explain!

A while back my brother-in-law brought over an old, expired emergency raft. He thought the grandkids would get a kick out of deploying it in the lake.  Sure enough, they loved it. But it was dry rotted and in really bad condition. So when the days fun was over, it was headed to the trash.  Until I ran out there with my scissors! With my husband rolling his eyes, I managed to cut off some of the stamped wording that I thought might be cool.  I rolled it up and stuck into one of the piles in the studio.  

Fast forward to a few days ago! I saw this material peeking out and it caught my eye. Yup, slam on the brakes and start in a new direction!! So I cut up some wording and sewed it together in order to fit the signatures I already created.

I bound the signatures using a fancier binding technique that shows a criss cross pattern down the spine.  I added a pocket in the back and a Velcro tab for a closure, I love it!!  Could not be happier!

Finished journal ready for travel!

Then I started prepping my pages with a few details. I add some paint where I think it might need it, stencil some more patterns, maybe add some washi tape and then collage bits and bobs here and there.  You might wonder why I add the details, how I pick them and where they go.  First of all, I try and not overthink things (ironic for me, I know!). Not all pages need something, I want room to add things as I travel. But this gives me a base in which to build.  For every travel journal I have done, the stamped, stenciled or collage images or words seem to work for whatever day it falls on in my journal and no matter what happens. Chance or luck, . . .  not sure, but I’ll take it!!

Oh yeah, you might be wondering where we are going this time!! We are going to start with the 13-day tour of Greece, a couple days in Rome, then catching a transatlantic cruise back to Florida.  I am a very lucky person to get to have so much fun. I hope you have something that gets you so excited your brain is buzzing!! I promise to share the completed journal when we get home.

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3 Responses to What’s That Buzzing

  1. Marcia L Lander says:

    Lucky Squirrel! I envy that find. I’ll have to wait till my new kayak wears out. Great sounding trip too. Glad green is a favorite of mine.


  2. Katharina says:

    So, soooo creative!!!!


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