My Process . . . This Time.

I recently was developing some work for a new class. As I was reflecting on how I got where I was and where I could go . . . . a light went on. If I could document the steps, or process . . . . could I more intentionally repeat it?? I can hope this works, but maybe each time it’s a new and different dance? Only time will tell. 

Last fall, I was browsing quilt patterns on Pinterest, lots of stripes  . . . . I love a stripe. This initial inspiration stuck with me. No I am not a quilter. I collect fabric and dream about making a quilt, but  . . . no, I am not an actual quilter. 

This is a screen shot from Pinterest. The artist is Dianne Firth and her quilt is Red Hills (2015). Love her work!!!

So back in February, I noticed that I had a few leftover pieces of striped canes on my desk and a little idea using leaf shapes. This is what happened. I do love the bold graphics and high contrasts of these pieces.   These were just trial pieces, but the idea stuck with me.    

Over the next few months I thought about leaves. I collected different shapes from my yard and on walks. 

I sketched simplified leaves with various crazy patterns. I seem to always have a piece of paper, notebook, etc. to jot down ideas. Some of these are buried deep in notes from lectures or ‘to-do’ lists for the day.

Another way I sketch is to use this magnetic drawing board that has been kicking around the house since grandkids started popping up! It is a way of testing ideas and just doodle away . . .  it’s only temporary and the board can be wiped clean and you start again. It is very freeing! If by chance there is something that catches my eye, I snap a photo.

It was clear that I was on a graphic leaf design binge! So I played with it a bit when I was experimenting with liquid clays (see last post). These became my aboriginal-inspired leaves. When I started these, the liquid clay was the focus, but I couldn’t shake the idea of this funky leaf shape and graphic designs.  

So I started thinking about the ‘what if’s’. The shape of each side of the leaves, stretched, squat and asymmetrical. The graphic patterns of circles, triangles or lines. The dot patterns, size and color. The colors of the clay.  The leaf stem, striped, curvy and dotted.

Collection of aboriginal-inspired graphic leaves.

After the first five, I liked them so much, that I decided that I would use these as a swap item for an upcoming retreat. This required me to make about 25 of them.  I have to say, making multiples of exactly the same thing makes me lose interest . . .  quickly . . . very quickly.  BUT when I can vary something in the design, I find it challenging. And to play with those variables . . . . I am now in heaven!!!  In addition, the process of making something over and over again  . . . . well you will get better at it! That’s one of the ways you grow your skills. Its a lesson I have learned over and over again!! So keep playing my friends!

And yes, this will be a new class offering.

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12 Responses to My Process . . . This Time.

  1. Comcast says:

    Lynn – I love the new leaves! May I buy some of them??! Terry

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Hi Terry! Thank you so much. The short answer is yes, of course you can buy ‘some’. The long answer is that I need to make more since these are swap items for a retreat this month. I promise to get back with you privately when I have another batch!


  2. Cindy LeCompte says:

    I want to take this class!!! Love💕💕💕💕💕


  3. Vicki G Colburn says:

    They are wonderful. How can you lose interest? You have taken your idea to the limit.


  4. Linda Smith says:

    Love, love, love these!


  5. Heidi McCullough says:

    Hey, guess what? The info about your quilt photo is visible in your screenshot, although I had to tilt my laptop screen to see it.

    The quilt is called Red Hills by Dianne Firth, from Australia. Her work is stunning.

    (I love your leaves, too! I’m a leaf lover.)…24271.27798..28068…3.0..0.75.376.6……0….1..gws-wiz-img.XniOV599544&ved=0ahUKEwjPnrGO_b7kAhUNXK0KHeztDfEQ4dUDCAY&uact=5


  6. Joyce Parkes says:

    My jaw is agape! Just fabulous. Can’t even begin to understand how you got such fabulous results. Thanks so much


  7. Kath Brown says:

    These are wonderful – so clever! What paint did you use, or how did you do the graphics?


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