Playing . . . it should be mandatory!

Often when you attend retreats, conferences, etc. there are side events that you can participate in . . . .  if you want to . . . . . its totally optional. But you should definitely consider them an opportunity!  

Over the last few years I have tried to participate. And it has only ever benefited me . . . selfish, I know! But let me explain. All of these options are opportunities to play. Try something different. Try something without pressure. 

For example, swaps of beads, buttons, bowls, ATC’s or inchies, its all good creative fun!

Or try a challenges – using an object not as intended or creating something as part of a themed event.

And then there are the classes or workshops that you might take to experience time with an artist that you admire. You might not even work in their field or specialty, but you just feel the need to experience what makes them passionate or drives their creativity. I had such an experience recently with Maureen Carlson at Fandango. What a wonderful person!! It was a walking stick class and I decided to shorten mine and create a base so that it could sit on a shelf. 

I let go. Decided to channel the sound of that song that has a line in it ‘ooga chaka ooga ooga ooga chaka’ , Hooked On a Feeling by Blue Swede. I love a good tiki and have a few in the yard and on the patio. So I went for a tiki totem.

Tiki totem that stands tall for only being about 12-inches high!!

I had a blast creating this. And I smile every time I look at my tiki totem and sometimes that’s enough. But I also had fun and learned a lot.  So I say embrace them . . . . these opportunities . . . .  and play!

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1 Response to Playing . . . it should be mandatory!

  1. Deedee says:

    I totally agree! Love your pieces!!! Keep on playing!!


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