Setting Intentions

I started a yoga class this year. At the beginning of each class, our teacher always asks us to set an intention. Just silently think about what we want for ourselves during the class. It can be a simple thing, like being more conscious of our breathing . . .  or trying to relax into the poses better. . . .  or make our feet stronger, you get the idea. The thought is that one little step leads to another.

Then the morning before a recent class, the TV was on . . .  I wasn’t paying much attention, until I heard someone being interview say:

Inspiration is the spark and motivation is the change

I loved that saying. I feel like the universe was telling me something and that I needed to listen. . . . . . not sure what the message is. . . . .  or where it is all leading, but  . . . . 

Then at the recent retreat I was awash in inspiration and in awe of the work (jewelry, vessels, sculptural, etc.). But after the initial energizing, vibrating excitement you start doubting yourself and wondering . . . . .  where do I fit in? what should I be working on? You are overwhelmed and a bit intimidated by all the talent surrounding you and all the possible paths available. 

As part of the retreat, there was a presentation by Jeffrey Lloyd Dever showing his work from the beginning of his polymer journey to now. First of all, you are blown away by the craftsmanship! His absolute command of colors, composition and overall design is second to none. Okay, he might have a leg up on the rest of us because of his background as a graphic designer/illustrator.  

However, when I had some time to reflect on the ‘where do I fit in and what should I be working on’ question, it hit me like a brick!!  Jeffrey’s body of work has focused with a clear and distinctive voice on the design and craftsmanship,  . . . . no matter what he makes!! He has gone from decorative vessels to jewelry to decorative teapots and even collectable spoons! He has combined polymer with weaving of plastic coated wires and incorporated unusual found objects into his art. Yet, it is a cohesive body of work that is recognizably his art!

So as I sat in the glow of all Jeffrey’s inspiration, I realized there was a ‘take away’ for me personally.  Maybe I should focus less on what I am making and more on taking the time to do it to the best of my abilities . . . . . whatever they are, right now.  Skills will improve . . . .  my voice will develop . . . . .  and a body of work will be created. So I think I have found my intention . . . . for now! Keep taking steps, even little ones and things will come together in time . . .  for both your art and yoga! Namaste everyone!!

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4 Responses to Setting Intentions

  1. Elizabeth Del Monte says:

    Love it Lynn. Thanks for sharing!


  2. maryetta2 says:


    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  3. Vicki G Colburn says:

    I would recognize your work anywhere. It is distinctive in color, form and composition and you are a great craftsperson! Keep up the wonderful, creative work.


  4. Deedee says:

    Very well said!!! You go girl!


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