The Travel Bug is Back

I get restless, I’ll admit it. I mean I love my home . . .  and family . . . . but then I start watching travel shows . . . .  getting travel brochures . . . .  or hearing about friends traveling abroad and where they have been.  Sigh . . . and yes, I start to get restless.

For the next five months I am traveling pretty consistently. But that is for teaching (or taking) workshops . . .  more business, less play.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I am darn lucky to be able to do it!! But there is a part of me yearning for a little adventure . . .  seeing things I haven’t seen yet . . . .  experiencing new places . . . . people . . . . .  food . . . . .  oh, the food!  Yup, I am ready!!

So my next BIG adventure is a land tour of Greece in the fall. It is with a tour group, Gate1.  I used them for our Southeast Asia tour and they did not disappoint. I considered doing a cruise ship to Greece, but you spend so little time in each place . . . . you are limited to the coast or islands . . . and you miss a lot. So the land tour is booked! The overall itinerary looks like this.

11-day itinerary of Greece

We are still getting a cruise in by taking a transatlantic back to the States from Rome! Yes, you are free to comment about me getting the cake and eating it too! My hubby and I LOVE at sea days. It is the most relaxing thing to do on vacation (in my humble opinion). So we have booked the new Celebrity Cruise ship EDGE for our way back home. 

I recently had the amazing opportunity to tour the ship while it was at port in Fort Lauderdale (between cruises). It was beautiful. It wasn’t just because it had that ‘new car smell’, but they are trying some new things . . . . going after a younger crowd.  It also felt more ‘homey’.  A lot more art and green areas.  Smaller, more intimate eating areas. So it won’t feel like you are traveling with 2,900 others . . . really!  

I have also been reading reviews of the ship on-line. They are hysterical!! People either love the new changes or hate them! Across the board the ship get high marks for service, staff and food.  But the negatives range from too many stairs, to the seating being too low to get out of, not relating to the music, not having enough organized activities.  I guess it all depends upon what you want from your travel experience.  

I am thoroughly looking forward to my time on the ship and will post my own review!  But until then I will be doing a lot of daydreaming about our trip. And I keep telling myself that younger at heart counts, so we will fit right in!! 

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