Fandango 2019

I have attended the Fandango Clay Retreat in central Florida for a couple of years now and will be teaching there in 2019! This polymer clay retreat is one of those beautiful little retreats that is always a great learning opportunity.  It is a super relaxed environment, lots of time to learn and experiment.

There are a few things that make this event stand out . . . . . . . . besides the fun, laughter, wonderful organizers, new friends, goodie bag, live auction . . . . . . you get the idea. 

One of the things I like is that you set up your workstation once and the instructors move from class to class.  Other retreats use this format too and it allows you to settle in and nest in your workspace.

There is a central baking area that is organized and operated by someone NOT attending the retreat. In fact, at Fandango the very wonderful lady that volunteers for this duty doesn’t even play with clay. She has done this event for many years because her mom attended and continues in honor of her mom since she passed on. Truly an angel for all the clayers!

This is a great deal – three full day classes, all your food and 4 nights of a room (shared) for one great price. Now it is not a 5 star facility, but it covers the basics, no one leaves any meal hungry, and the grounds are actually very charming . . . .  right on a lake and wildlife surrounding you (bald eagle nests, sandhill cranes, alligators, etc).

This year the three instructors include Maureen Carlson, Toni Ransfield and yours truly, Lynn Yuhr! In addition, there is an awesome optional class on Thursday with Deb Hart, her heart owl. For more information go to

There is still plenty of time if you are thinking about joining us! 

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