Good Enough vs Better (Part 2)

Okay, we talked earlier about taking things a step further to go from ‘good enough’ to better.  Specifically about embedding the pad of an earring post in your clay when designing polymer clay earrings. (see Good Enough vs Better, Part 1)

You want to go a step further? 

Instead of simply drilling a hole for a jumpring and adding a dangly thing (a technical term), how about embedding a jumpring (or something similar).  The benefits are primarily two-fold:

1: More movement for your dangle, and

2: A drilled hole and jumpring are NOT taking away from your earring design giving a cleaner look.

The left earring has a jumpring embedded while the right earring has a drilled hole and jumpring added.
Its a subtle difference between the two sides but the right side looks cleaner to me.
The movement between the two earrings is substantial. The right side swings freely while the left side is more stiff.

Confused? Let me explain. Prior to adding the back layer of clay and while you are adding the post component, also add a jumpring. I use an oval shaped jumpring to give me a bit more length to hang from on the side of the clay.

Prior to adding the back layer of clay components are tacked down with a bit of super glue for a temporary hold.

The part of the earring where the post is attached also provides another area for design.

Instead of a solid color circle, this area can be textured, patterned, different shapes,  . . .  even 3D!! Lots to consider when designing earrings . . .  who knew?!?!

But wait there’s one more option I want to add to the mix. What about not having the post portion of the earring separate from the dangle. Who says an earring has to have movement.  Are there rules about this????

As I get more ideas and try them out, my collection of single earrings is building.  It seems like as I finish one earring . . . . a new idea comes to mind . . . .  and well, its time to move on and try it!!

I hope this inspires you to take a look at your designs and see where structural improvements can be made or where fun design options await you! Now go . . . . . .make something!!

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7 Responses to Good Enough vs Better (Part 2)

  1. MaryEtta McGraw says:

    Your ideas are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing with everyone.



    Great ideas! Thanks. Have you tried colored o-rings?


  3. Mary C Hargrave says:

    Love the idea of maximizing movement


  4. Linda says:

    simple….effective….love it


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