Purging the Hoard

Yeah, I have a problem getting rid of stuff.  All the process or practice pieces along the way are piling up in boxes. The planned projects in my head are endless. And probably exceed the number of years left in my life . . . .  by a long shot.

I have to keep reminding myself “what do I want to spend my time on” . . . . cleaning? . . .  looking for things I put away in that  ‘safe’ spot? . . . . .  moving things around to get to other things? . . . . .  or just moving them so I can find a place to work?  I know I am not alone but it doesn’t make it easier.

So what would you do with your . . . .

  • Practice pieces?  Do you want to show growth or the evolution of an idea (do you need to?).
  • Art work that really isn’t that great (or even good) and you don’t enjoy any more or wouldn’t show off from the assorted classes you have taken.
  • Insert the various technique, craft, art supply, etc . . .  that you have collected because it was on sale or, better yet, being given away!

So I am taking a look at my studio. It great that I have a studio (more than some, less than others) but a limited, finite space. Two years ago when I moved into this current space I was thrilled. New. Clean. Bright. Full of possibilities.

I am a master of piling and collecting. Having every surface covered with supplies that haven’t been put away  . . . . . may not even have a place to be put!

But now its time. Time to assess the damage my hoarding has taken on this space. Really think about what I want to be doing. Sounds deep and meaningful. Or is it just a ploy to avoid serious work,  . . . . . hmmmm.

Of course, as I write this, I am trying to figure out where I am going to stash my newly acquired mill end cones of weaving threads!! Yes a new hobby, just what I needed, I know. But the grouping of threads . . . . the colors . . . . the texture . . . .  and I found an open shelf!! What can I say, some spots may never change . . . . . . . should we just embrace them?!?!?

At least with this mess to clean up, I do have something to show for it. My buttons are completed and bagged for my next retreat, Clay Out West!!


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7 Responses to Purging the Hoard

  1. Comcast says:

    Lynn – I would love to buy some of your buttons for special sewing and knitting projects – is that possible? Terry

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  2. Wendy Moore says:

    Oh I SO relate to this! Especially the questions about where to put that old “art that ain’t art, maybe never was” stuff. Without contributing to landfill!? I have some bits hidden in the garden for grandchildren discovering activities. Good luck with it all. Keep sharing the journey!


  3. Diane Day says:

    So happy that you are going to Clay Out West. I can’t wait to see your beautiful buttons. Oh…did you clear out your studio overload?


  4. Kattharina says:

    Love this blog because it applies to me


  5. Oh, I can relate. I have a den/creative place that’s been begging to be organized for the many years!!! Yup…there I’ve said it! I can cry and laugh at the same time! Thank you for letting me know that I’m not the only one!


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