Bucket Lists and Buttons

I bet everyone has a ‘bucket list’ or wish list of things they want to do, places they want to go, etc. I have been fortunate enough to cross off many of mine over the years. But I have one coming up soon . . . .  the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival. My in-laws have lived in New Mexico since the early 80’s, so we have vacationed there over the years.  We have always talked about going to the balloon festival, but we have never had the chance . . . .  until now!!


I have tickets for the opening weekend, a morning session from 6:00 am to 11:00 am to watch a mass ascension!  I am vibrating with excitement!! Can’t wait!

But I have to confess. I got a cherry on top of this trip! I found out there was going to be a polymer clay retreat in Albuquerque the four days before the balloon festival. This is one of those moments when you feel that the stars aligned just for you! Yup, I am attending the retreat as part of this trip too.

The retreat is called Clay Out West and grew out of the Clay Carnival in Las Vegas (my understanding). It is currently sold out, but I was stalking them on-line and got my registration in quickly.  I am looking forward to meeting more people in the polymer clay community . . . . .  the events and retreats I have attended so far have all been on the east coast.

As part of preparing for this event, there is an exchange or trade. Yes, I have now attended several events where there are trades.  And yes, I always do something more complicated than necessary. So why should this event be any different!!

The trade will be buttons made out of polymer. There are 80 attendees and 7 teachers, so I am working on 87 buttons. I wanted them to be distinct, so they are not round. I wanted them to be unique and represent my work, so they are colorful and graphic! What do you think???

Yuhr-theflyingsquirrelstudio-buttons 2Yuhr-theflyingsquirrelstudio-buttons 1

I am not sure I could have picked a more time consuming approach to a button! But I do love them!! About 20 buttons into production, a friend suggested I ditch this idea and pick something easier. I took that as a challenge.

The sizes varied in the first dozen or so, along with the shape. I am also stamping the backs with my flying squirrel logo (boy I love that stamp!).

Yuhr-theflyingsquirrelstudio-buttons 13

I just passed the halfway mark with 48 buttons made.  I think I have found an approach to the production process. So sizes and shapes are more consistent and a certain pattern gets repeated (less time pausing to think about making each one unique).  Only 39 more to go!!



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12 Responses to Bucket Lists and Buttons

  1. Deedee says:

    OMG love them!! They definitely are a great representation of your new body of work!!! Wish I was going to the retreat!!!


  2. monsoonwendy says:

    They are gorgeous and the recipients will be thrilled to get them! You do learn ways to speed things up when you make multiples don’t you?!


  3. Pat Freeman says:

    They’re great! I’m going to Clay Out West, also. Now that I see your and Shelley Atwood’s buttons, I better go back and work on the ones I’ve already made😱


  4. Diane Day says:

    Ohhh! I love these. They definitely put my buttons to shame, although with 87 completed last week, I’m not going to make a ‘do over’. I look forward to meeting you at Clay out West.


  5. Vicki G Colburn says:



  6. Katharina says:

    These are just amazing!!!! Over the top wonderful. Makes me want to design an outfit to sew them onto.


  7. Anne Rowe says:

    These are spectacular. Can’t wait to meet you there and see them in “person!”


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