I Can’t Stop Making Faces!

I really can’t stop . . . . .  I just can’t.  I am having way too much fun!! These are my Picasso-inspired polymer clay faces. There are faces everywhere. Some are better than others, some are definitely my favs.  But a little time playing is in order. No expectations. Push the boundaries. See what happens.

Yuhr-Picasso Polymer Faces 1

These four faces are the first group completed that I considered ‘successful’.

I started working off the edge. This opened up a whole new approach.

Yuhr-Picasso Polymer Faces 6

Working off of the edges was like coloring outside the lines.

Yuhr-Picasso Polymer Faces 5

I love the little antenna!

Yuhr-Picasso Polymer Faces 3

The details along the top added some nice character.

Cut outs on the edge!

Yuhr-Picasso Polymer Faces 4

Here I used some details at the top and tried a couple of cut-outs.

Yuhr-Picasso Polymer Faces 8

This one uses cut-outs of the first layer and drops color into the second layer.

Hair . . . .  some of them even have hair! Well ok . . . .  not real hair . . . . . .  pieces of fabric that fray easily and have been covered in liquid polymer clay. Not sure why I felt the need to cover them in polymer, but I did. Will they be less fragile . . .who knows.  Stiffer so they stand up . . . . yup!

Yuhr-Picasso Polymer Faces 7Yuhr-Picasso Polymer Faces 9

Well I am going to let this play out before I start anything else. Who knows how this is going to go . . . . but I am having fun doing it!

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3 Responses to I Can’t Stop Making Faces!

  1. Christina says:

    OMG, you are so cute when you get excited about your work. Beautiful, colorful pieces. I love the hair. Keep experimenting and enjoying the journey!


  2. Vicki G Colburn says:

    These are really cute. Keep it up! Very imaginative.


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