Deadlines and Creativity

It feels like Bead and Button just finished and the deadline for submitting classes is next week . . . August 17th!  I do understand their schedule and how tight it is . . .  really I do! So into the studio I went!!

Being creative because of a deadline . . . . how is that supposed to work? Do you freeze up or do the creative wheels start turning? Is there a storm of new ideas . . . .  or a big empty space between your ears??? Here’s how I got through it . . . .  by just starting.

I knew I didn’t have to start from scratch on these classes. The three of the classes that were selected and taught last year will be in the submittal package again. Why not, they worked . . .  everyone completed their pieces . . . .  I call that a success!

But what about something new?

In July, I taught a modified version of the Channeling Mondrian class. This class was all day rather than 3-hours and we completed lariats as the objective. I love what you can do with these graphic veneers!! Loads of fun. And yes, that will be submitted.

Yuhr-Mondrian Lariats

I also felt that there may be . . . , just may be, a need for a beginner polymer clay class. So I brushed off a project I taught at a retreat in 2015 called ‘Gone Fishin’.  The finished pieces look complicated . . .  multiple pieces and movement. But the class really just focuses on learning basic polymer clay canes that are then used in a variety of ways to decorate a stylized-fish skeleton.  These are what might be referred to as ‘foundation’ canes the bulleseye, jellyroll and stacked stripes. They are frequently used as building blocks for so many other polymer canes, veneers, surface treatments, etc.

Last year I received a lot of positive feedback on my colorful polymer pieces. Several people commented “I want to learn that!”.  So I definitely wanted to find a way to simplify this technique into a one-day class for 2019 where everyone could be successful. So after some more pondering . . . and a little playing . . . . I started seeing things! Yup . . .  faces started popping up . . . .  so I went with it!  I came up with a pendant (or pin) that I am calling Picasso-Inspired Portraits in Polymer. Do you see them??

Yuhr-Picasso Portraits in Polymer-group

I am pleased with my submittal and hope they are well received. But only time will tell . . . . about two months to be exact! Fingers crossed!!




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4 Responses to Deadlines and Creativity

  1. Elizabeth Del Monte says:

    I see the faces…love those pins! Good luck Lynn.


  2. Katharina says:

    Sooooo creative.


  3. Monica L says:

    Pondering the tension between creativity and deadlines is so timely for me right now as I prepare pieces for sale at shows this Fall. Oh how I want to present fresh new pieces but I can do without the stress it gives me! I’ve decided to ‘stop doing shows’ about every other day this month! 🙂 Somehow it all comes together every year thanks to ideas that didn’t come together last year that magically do so this year! Without a deadline, I admit with great reluctance, I’m not sure I would be where I am creatively. Guess I’ll have to learn to live with a ‘little tension’….


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