Traveling with Kids

I think I am lucky . . .  I mean really lucky, in so very many ways.  Recently I was able to travel with two of my sons, and their families, a group of 10, that included all four of my grandchildren, ages 6 to 10 (see my little pirates below). I looked at this as an incredibly wonderful opportunity, a two week transatlantic cruise with stops in Portugal and Spain!

Yuhr-little pirates

The kids have seen my travel journals and always ask questions about them. So on our recent trip I set each one up with their own travel journal. I kept it simple (store bought, not handmade), added their name and travel itinerary (just printed from the computer, no hand lettering) and packed a bunch of supplies. My goal was to encourage them to draw or write in the journal each evening before dinner. No rules or other guidelines . . .  no pressure . . . . . no judgement.

I also purchased for the trip a new little travel printer from HP called a Sprocket. This little dynamo prints on special paper that is roughly a 2×3-inch sticker. I thought the kids could select their favorite photo of the day to add to their journal each evening. While I loved the printer and the other adults also thought it was great, the kids were less enthusiastic about it.

Don’t get me wrong, the kids loved drawing in their journals. But it was rarely about the trip and that’s ok . . .  they were being creative and fundamentally that was what I was encouraging.

In addition to the trip,  I am trying something new this year. Each of my grandkids got to pick out a store bought journal from my stash (yes, there were plenty to select from). Each kid draws something in their journal . . .  anything . . . . sign and date it . . . . then passes it back to the me and I draw something. It will be interesting to see how long we can keep this up.  I am hoping it captures a little piece of them within the pages that we can both look back upon and enjoy. Only time will tell!


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