Looking Back, Before Looking Ahead

I have been running in circles since the beginning of the New Year in preparation for my youngest son’s wedding. The big event has come and gone with great success. What a great way to start the year with a big family event!

But now its time to catch my breath and figure out my focus moving forward and what loose ends I have to address. I realized that I never shared my travel journal from the SE Asia trip. As I flip back through it, I have found many unfinished pages. I will have it next to my bed so I can work on it as I wind down in the evening over the next few weeks. But I am pretty happy with how it turned out so far.

I often get asked “why do I spend the time to journal while I travel?”, “shouldn’t I be living in the moment?”, being more “mindful”.

The purpose of a travel journal for me is to document the trip, yes, but not in the same way a printed itinerary documents the trip or even photos document the trip. Taking a moment each night to reflect on the day is important to me. I find it is the little things that you remember at the end of the day that are important. Those things that bring back a smile or a little chuckle or even a feeling of “wow, that was amazing!”. No matter where you are, that is what makes a day special.

So I am including some of my journal pages, so you can see how I document my journeys. Remember, this is my personal preference, not a “here’s how you do it”! And you might give me a big eye-roll about some of my topics, but again, I don’t do these journals for anyone but me (although my hubby and travel partner usually enjoys then too). So if the topics seem silly or mundane, that’s okay.

So go ahead, document your next journey. What makes it special? What feelings does a place evoke? Document unique encounters with people that reminded you that it’s a real big world out there and yet somehow, we are all connected. Lofty goals??? Okay, maybe, it might be a simple as the ability to walk into a 7-11 in a fairly rural area of a foreign country and get a slurpy to beat the heat! See, we are all connected!

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1 Response to Looking Back, Before Looking Ahead

  1. Katharina says:

    You inspire me. I am not sure what I will do, however I do feel inspired

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