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After my collaboration efforts last spring with Banyan Bay Studios, I decided that I should take things a little bit further. So I designed a few workshops based upon a variety of the samples I developed with them. Why not, I had taken it this far, lets see if it could go further.

I came up with nine (9) different classes that I then submitted to Bead and Button. They are the premiere bead show held annually in Milwaukee, Wisconson. I have been attending since 2004, so I am a big fan! I won’t hear from them for another couple of months. But it was another one of those ‘say yes and see what happens’ experiments!

Some of these classes highlight the different components available from Banyan Bay Studio. Other classes use the same components with different techniques. You never know what is going to catch someone’s eye. If you have been following my blog for any time you might have seen these photos or a version of them earlier. Here, I have tried to spruce them up and give a pitch as to the unique aspects of each class.

Channeling Mondrian – A wooden pendant component is used as a canvas for developing simple and colorful polymer clay canes. The effect of scale on design is illustrated as we develop larger graphic canes and reduce them to fit within the confines of the pendant.

Yuhr-Mondrian Pendant

Lacewing Amphoras – Wooden beads turned on a lathe in an elegant amphora shape are used as a base for a delicate polymer clay cane. The blending of polymer clay colors is the key to the lace-like pattern and the way it captures light.

Yuhr-Lacewing Amphoras

Kandinsky Bracelet – Playful mark making and surface coloration are used to let your inner child fly free! Polymer clay discs with embedded findings are combined with a customizable toggle to create a fun and cheerful bracelet.

Yuhr-Kandinsky Bracelet

Taking Flight – Lacewing Bracelet – here the customizable toggle is the focus of the bracelet with the delicate lace-like pattern of the cane. This cane is then used to make various bead components to complete the bracelet.

Yuhr-Lacewing Bracelet

Three of the classes use the wooden tube beads to create a necklace. Each of the classes shows a different way to use this beads ranging from a single strand necklace (Dots and Dashes), to a triple strand necklace (Triple Threat) and even a graduated necklace (Midnight Fiesta). In addition, forging of a few chain components complete the piece.

Three in Three – This is an earring class that shows different ways to use the tube beads to make earrings. So in addition to combining a unique color-way of polymer clay and wood beads, students will learn to make three different earring wires for three different looks!


Whimsical Succulents – this class will allow your imagination to go wild creating succulent-like, plants that have a whimsical side. This class is filled with techniques that include building on an armature, attaching to a raw edge piece of wood and creating a spring and catch pinback.


Until then, I am submitting these classes to other venues, guilds, etc. If you are interested let me know!!


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