Follow Through

Upon my return from the recent Synergy 4 conference I had lists of goals, pages of ideas to try, and potential opportunities to follow-up on. I was totally jazzed!! But you get home and well life takes over and you fall back into routines. What happened to all those plans and goals!!

I am realizing that all those plans, goals and to-do lists need to be made a priority. How high up on the priority list they get depends. But, they at least need to be as high as getting groceries and doing laundry. They deserve to be put in the rotation and become a part of ‘life’ and given attention. How else are they going to get done, right???

So I started by going through my journal for the conference. Reviewing my notes, remembering what piqued my interests. Here are a few pages from my journal. It was primarily note taking from workshops and lectures. A few little sketches.   Documenting special moments. This is totally done for me. I don’t expect anyone to read this and make any sense out of it. So I was initially reluctant to share, but what the heck!


Okay the conference was one component. But I took three, yes THREE, workshops!!! They were fantastic workshops with superb instructors that could not be more different from one another in every way, except their generosity! Each one was so jammed packed, that we didn’t spend a lot of time creating. So I need to spend the time to explore each one in depth. Absorb the techniques and process. And see what clicks with my aesthetic and artistic voice.

Melanie West taught a class called A Unique Way of Organic Caning – Full of Depth and Color that explored the used of translucent clay. To be honest, I really don’t like translucent clay or working with it! But I have admired her work for years and was just thrilled to be in the same room to absorb anything she was willing to share! Okay, I will now eat my words . . . . wow, translucent clay is so cool, I love it! I have starting making samples and can’t stop!! Don’t know where I am going, but I am having fun wondering around.

Christine Dumont taught a class called Transforming Clay using decollage techniques she has developed. I had taken an on-line design class with Christine and was hooked on her style of teaching. Her approach to working with polymer clay is very painterly and just draws you in. I have only completed a few samples that are clearly not finished. Lots and lots of work needed here, but so exciting!


Jana Roberts Benzon taught a class called Nature Walk – Toadstools, Twigs and Boughs. Jana uses polymer clay to recreate some of her favorite things she has found during her walks in the woods. The realism is amazing and her energy is palpable. I find her work to be the furthest from mine. And I have only begun executing her projects. Yet every time I take a class from her I pick up various techniques for working with polymer clay that I can directly adapt to my work!


I hope that I have encouraged you to follow through after a conference or workshop. Embrace it. Make the most of your investment. Take fun notes . . . practice what you have learned and . . . . enjoy your own creative journey! I know that I am!!

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4 Responses to Follow Through

  1. Lyn Tremblay says:

    OMG! Now I’m depressed! I’ve just spent two days uploading photos and TRYING/FAILING to upload videos from my phone to my laptop. AND wondering if I will ever make sense of my notes😫
    My friends have been trying some of the techniques learned, but they too say the have struggled to understand what they scribbled in a notebook! Your journal is beautiful! And so are your finished samples!


  2. Laura Lang says:

    Love your notes! So creative.


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