Time to Breathe

While my head is spinning with things to do, try, plan . . . that is my normal mode of operation. I recognize that this drives people around me crazy . . . . but what’s a squirrel going to do??

I did take a moment the other day to catch my breath and appreciate my surroundings. My hubby loves his yard. He calls his plants, his green children. He has always loved orchids and has quite a collection. He gives them a good home and then lets them do what they do naturally . . . . . no special food, no special care . . .  just a good appreciation of what might come. This is what was blooming the other day . . . and that was just the front driveway!


And after our trip last year to the South Pacific and Hawaii, he is currently into plumeria. He found out they can be easily grafted to combine colors and make your own new combination. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. Until then, here is some more eye-candy for you!


Whether it has made you smile, lowered your blood pressure a bit or provided some inspiration . . . my work is done! Enjoy your day!!

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