Keeping It Simple

Yeah, I know, it’s a great concept but I rarely apply it.

It has been a last minute rush . . . . ok, a last week rush to get ready for the Synergy 4 conference. Supplies for three workshops, check . . . . . my new body of work priced, inventoried, photographed and packed, check . . . . my favorite jewelry selected to wear, check . . . . clothes that coordinate with the jewelry for a week, check . . . . a new journal for note taking, check!!

A few things to notice, I have made this event about as complicated for myself as possible! Yes, this was self-inflicted. But I am so excited about going it doesn’t really matter.  You also noticed that jewelry was selected before clothes. And if you need to buy accessories like shoes or belts to match, you go and do it!!

One of the products of this last week rush was an understated necklace of simple black polymer tubes that I extruded (see I can keep things simple . . . . well sometimes). The tubes were strung together using a simple pearl knotting technique. This created a single long strand that can be worn in various ways. Nothing complicated here, not a statement piece, but nice just the same. On a plain white shirt it looks great!

I added a simple pop of color on each tube by sliding on various colors of o-rings. Yup, o-rings!! I bet you didn’t know that they came in so many different colors and sizes!! And I don’t even have ALL the colors. My supplier is Yvonne at My Elements. If you like color and quirky, she has supplies for you!


And as busy as I was, I needed (or wanted) to make myself a new journal for the conference. It is my tradition to create these file folder journals with various papers to take notes in. I have 14 or so already on the shelf from past events, so why break with tradition! The process of binding it and decorating the pages is almost meditative for me and focuses my attention on the event. Weird, right?!?!

I love the rooster on the front cover!! Not sure why, he just spoke to me. Maybe I plan to strut my stuff at the show, haha! So a little paint, a few found papers, a few collaged sayings, a bunch of washi tape, and I am ready to go.  And when I saw the black and white ballpoint pens, I had to buy them.

Well I am off to Philadelphia in the morning. It should be a great week ahead. I hope to come home all jazzed. You know the feeling . . . . after you have been on a trip . . . . have had some time to soak in the surroundings . . . . . and your head starts spinning with inspiration and ideas.

Can’t wait to share!!

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1 Response to Keeping It Simple

  1. Katharina says:

    Oh, you have so many wonderful toys and ideas!!


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