To Boldly Go!

I mentioned in a previous post (pressing the button) that I submitted three pieces of my polymer clay work for the IPCA Awards.  At that time, I couldn’t show you photos of the pieces, as per the rules  .  .  .  .  .  .  but the voting is over and I can finally share.

The theme this year was ‘To Boldly Go!’ in honor of the 50th year of Star Trek and your pieces needed to be from your current work (no more than 12 months old). I have been spending a huge amount of time in the studio and have a fair bit of work to show for it over the last year.

The first submission was one of my succulents I created in my collaboration with Banyan Bay Studios. It doesn’t fit the theme very well but I thought the combination of wood and polymer clay was interesting. Apparently, the combination of wood and polymer was not unique and was seen in a few other submissions. They were all beautiful!!

The second submission is part of a challenge I signed up for at the Synergy 4 conference coming up in August. This was one of the pieces created along the journey inspired by Kandinsky.  I added a hand-forged silver chain to complete the look.

The third submission was also created as part of the challenge mentioned above but I seemed to take a tangent at more mid-century modern look.

I have to say the other submissions were amazing. I am soooooo very glad you don’t see anyone else’s submission before you submit.  I am not sure I would have participated if I had.  But I am glad I did ‘push that button’ . . . . . and was honored to be in the company of so many great artists!

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