Catching Up

The last couple of months have been spent jumping from one project/trip to another. This level of over planning and over commitment is kind of how I operate. With the pressure on . . . . driving me forward.

At the moment however there is a calm. Not for long and I need to make the most of this time before the next wave of chaos hits . . . . and it is coming. But I need to face the path of destruction I have left along the way. The ‘I will put that away later’ has now become I can’t see the floor or the table in my studio any more!! Can anyone relate to this??

I thought I had purged when I did the big move in to my new studio space . . . . but clearly not enough. And no, I am not showing a photo of my hot mess . . . it is way too embarrassing!

But as I try to focus, I continue to be distracted . . . . and having fun doing it!

One of the distractions is my travel journal. I am now officially under 4 months until my Southeast Asia trip and I am just buzzing with excitement! The journal is coming along and I continue adding to it, bit by bit. The outer cover is decorated and I love it! The fabric for the cover was a scrap from a painters cloth and the cut edges were unravelling, a lot. So I took some sari/silk ribbon scrap and ironed it out and sewed it around the outer cover.  A simply feather was then sketched out and painted in. Then I found a box of fabric scraps that had fusing already attached. One fabric had these dots with a spiral design, so they were cut out and ironed on.


I created four separate signatures, a small one for the overall description of the trip, then one for each country we are visiting. They were sewn using a simple pamphlet stitch. I used purple elastic cording to attach the signatures. Technically, I can slip a signature out to carry with me for sketching, if I don’t want to carry the entire journal. But I love the feel and weight of the journal as a whole. It seems to be just the right size. And don’t you love the eyelet detail on the spine for the elastic cord. Yes, the color of the eyelet matches the dominant color used in each signature . . . . . and yes, those little details make me happy!!

I have started adding to the journal pages, getting them prepped for the trip. An overview map has been sketched that will show where we are going with detailed maps added later. I have used the Asian stamps a dear friend lent me. I have used stencils. I have a box of phrases in my collage stash from magazines and such, and have been adding them where appropriate. I have even started drafting titles for key locations.

I have a long way to go prepping pages. Some more stamping, maybe some more collage, definitely more painted backgrounds. I don’t go overboard and cover the entire page. I like some white space.

I can’t wait to show before and after photos of this journal when I return from my travels. I also have to come up with my journaling supplies that will be traveling with me. Trying to not go too crazy . . . . keeping it light and portable!

I find working on my journal so much fun. It allows me to channel my excitement into prepping for the BIG trip. But it doesn’t have to be a BIG trip, I do travel journals for little ones as well and enjoy it as much!!  Alright, who is ready to make a travel journal and go on a trip??

Oops, didn’t I start this post saying I needed to clean? Okay, 5 minutes of cleaning for every 55 minutes of play time. Sounds about right!

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