Early Riser

I am not a morning person. For those that know me, this statement might evoke a ‘laugh-out-loud” response. While I like mornings, I want them to be leisurely, sipping coffee, thinking about the day ahead. It is probably in response to the many years of rushing . . . .  always rushing  . . . . . somewhere . . . . . for something.

On a recent visit to Melbourne Beach, Florida a walk on the beach to see the sunrise was discussed. I thought  . . . .  why not? I was not disappointed.  It was refreshing to see the beginning of the day greet us. And the view of the ocean waters soothes my soul! I don’t mind that it was cloudy and you can’t see the sun. The expansive view reminds me that I am just a little part of this world . . .  so small, . . . .  so very small.


While walking along I looked (and found) treasures along the beach.


Turtle tracks. Evidence of the nocturnal activity.  Leading to and from the new nests.



Porpoise (bottle-nosed dolphin) just off-shore. My finger on the camera wasn’t as quick as they were, but if you zoom in a fin can be seen!


I would follow these foot-prints anywhere (hubby leading me down the beach) as I dawdle and look for treasures!!


Getting up a little earlier seems like such a small price to pay for something so wonderful. Its nice to have the opportunity to do something as special as this.  We should all look for these opportunities to enjoy our surroundings and appreciate where we are for the moment. It really helps put things in perspective.

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1 Response to Early Riser

  1. Katharina says:

    Almost felt as if I were there. Thanks for sharing


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