Trip Planning . . . Again!

It has been awhile, but the travel bug reared it’s head again and I have a full schedule.

Hubby and I have talked for years about going to southeast Asia. The history, the temples, the geology! We were thinking 2018 . . . . . or even putting it off until 2019. Then, in one of my ninja travel scheduling moves, I convinced him to go before the end of this year.  You could insert many adverbs here, such as . . . . . tricked . . . . . nagged . . . . charmed, he has his own list!

We are actually both VERY excited about this trip. However, my normal mode of operation when planning a trip is having a year or more to . . . . well plan! It is one of the parts of traveling that I do love. Finding out what the possibilities are in a particular place is exciting and then weaving a journey together makes me swoon!

This trip will be different for us in many ways, but the biggest is that we are going with a tour group. I waivered on this for a long time, but decided to let someone else be in control of the bulk of the planning (me, give up control, very unusual, I know). What pushed me in that direction was that I know four individuals from very different walks of life that have each used this tour group, three of them went to Southeast Asia with them. All four people used Gate1 Travel and gave them rave reviews. Fingers crossed!

map of itinerary

The tour will be 17-days long with a few extra days added to the front and back ends. The biggest coup for the trip, so far, was nailing round trip tickets using airline miles . . . . in business class!! Getting the tickets using miles was key for us going on this trip because if hubby is kept comfortable and happy, he is willing to travel.  Having a credit card that gives you miles is like my magic wand!! And I only use my miles for those international long flights, otherwise I will just buy domestic tickets. And yes, this will be a series of long flights. Miami to Los Angeles to Osaka (Japan) to Bangkok (Thailand) to Hanoi (Vietnam) where we will begin our adventure!!

So with the planning taken care of, I can then obsess about ‘packing light’. The intent is always there, but . . . . well . . . the ‘be ready for any weather or occasion’ usually interferes and things get added. Well, its a goal.

And of course I have to start thinking about a travel journal. Listen, our trip is now about 5 months away, so yes, I have thought about it . . . . a lot!  I put a plan together based upon where we are going, number of days traveling, how much sketching I will have time for, etc. So the plan, the papers, and the signatures are done. Then I focus on the structure of the journal . . . how I want the journal to function . . .  the cover, the pockets, extra space, etc. I had a piece of a painter’s drop cloth lying around and decided that would make a great cover and started sewing!

Once assembled, the next phase is laying down backgrounds and little bits of decorations throughout the journal. A dear friend, who is well aware of my obsessions has already offered to bring me her collection of Asia themed stamps so I can get started!! I love people who ‘get me’.

I will add photos when the journal is ready for the trip! Until then, its back to planning  . . . . . and dreaming . . . . and a few little trips in between now and then.  Happy travels!

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5 Responses to Trip Planning . . . Again!

  1. Christina says:

    I know how much you love planning trips! This one will be amazing, of course.


  2. Vicki colburn says:

    Sounds like you will be busy dreaming about the possibilities. What fun!


  3. The trip sounds amazing!!! Love the map!! I know you and hubby will have a great time and I always look forward to hearing all about your dreams and further plans!!


  4. Perfect journal cover!!! I expect nothing less than a creatively optimized – well thought out journal to go with your researched, well thought out , and planned trip


  5. Katharina Keoughan says:

    Your writing brings me along on your trips, How wonderful for me.


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