Collaborating Continues

While the blog has been idle, my hands have not been! I don’t think I have spent this much time in the studio . . . . . well, ever!! And that’s a good thing.

My friends at Banyan Bay Studio continue to experiment with wooden components, but there is a twist. They have a second company, Blue Tarpon Studio, where they create finished art jewelry. They got into the “One of a Kind Show” in Chicago, April 28 to 30th.  Since the wooden components and polymer combination has been so successful, they asked if I would collaborate with them for the show. Exciting, right?!?!

Let the playing begin . . . . . . the flat components (circles, squares and rectangles) provide a nice background in which to work . . . . but what about going three-dimensional?


We are also working simultaneously on additional wooden components for Banyan Bay Studios (picture the performer with the spinning plates on thin sticks!). We came up with tubes of wood that have both channels and sometimes dots.  I worked on various color-ways that I thought enhanced the color of the wood.


The length can be varied . . . . . . the placement of the channels and dots can be varied . . . . . . the color of the wood can be varied. What would you do with these?? Earrings . . . a single tube for a simple pendant . . . . . . or a series of tubes for a necklace?? Oh the possibilities! And yes, these will eventually be added to the wooden component series offered by Banyan Bay Studios.

Then in one conversation, the topic of natural edge pieces of wood came up. This is a slice of wood that not only highlights the beautiful grains of the interior, but has a unique, unaltered edge where the bark has been removed. They are like little landscapes themselves.

So what do you add to these to enhance the natural beauty that is already there? Well here is one idea.


So what would you do with all of these new pieces? If you happen to be in Chicago the end of April, come by and see us at the show! I would love some feedback on . . . . . well everything!



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6 Responses to Collaborating Continues

  1. It is so fun collaborating with Lynn! She takes our great wooden pieces to another level! Thanks for lending you talent, creativity and go get um attitude to us and for saying YES! We love you!


  2. Kelly says:

    The wood and polymer look great together. What a great combination!!
    Love the colors.

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  3. Elizabeth Del Monte says:

    So cool pieces….have fun and tremendous success!!!!


  4. Christina says:

    These pieces are beautiful, Lynn. Can’t wait to see them in real life at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago!


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