Pounding Metal

I haven’t played with metal in a while, but I had an opportunity to take a fold forming workshop with Nancy Megan Corwin!! Yes, I know about my addiction to workshops, but who could say no to this opportunity?!?!

Nancy Megan Corwin is a metalsmith, which is an understatement, a national treasure in my opinion. She generously shares what she has learned over decades of experience through workshops and university classes. She wrote a book on Chasing and Repousse, Methods Ancient and Modern which is a standard reference on the topic.



She came to Miami to teach a 3-day class on chasing and respousse for the Florida Society of Goldsmiths – South (www.fsgso.com) and a 2-day class on fold forming for the Enamel Guild South (www.egs.com).

I took the fold forming class and had a blast! This is just a few of her samples and my photos do not do them justice.

Learning how to make the metal move was fascinating. I was also surprised by my own work. Perfect . . . . no . . . . nor polished and shined . . . . but oh the possibilities!

With any new skill, this is something that clearly takes practice (duh!).  But the nuances that can be achieved are worth an investment of time.  And my head is spinning with the question “how do I incorporate this into my work?”  Now if I could just have more . . . .much more . . . . time, that is!


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2 Responses to Pounding Metal

  1. Katharina says:

    Oh so many fun classes and so little time. Good to know you are having such a good time!


  2. Love your work!!! What a fun class!!!


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