Wooden Components

I have been playing with a new type of component, designed to be used with polymer clay . . . . wood. My friends at Banyan Bay Studios create these amazing wood components for jewelers like turned drops, toggle clasps, end caps, etc. They use the most beautiful woods that add a real natural, warmth and yet sophisticated element to your work. The woods can be multicolored stripes for a more fun feel to zebra wood, burls or tightly-grained rosewoods and ebony. YUM!!

I know polymer clay and wood have been combined beautifully before. The work by Cynthia Tinapple (www.polymerclaydaily.com and www.tipple.com) includes turned-wood bowls and Bonnie Bishoff (www.syronbishoff.com) includes large-scale furniture pieces. Both artists use polymer clay to create colorful veneers to be combined with the wood for striking results.


Cynthia Tinapple and her husband with one of their wood and polymer clay collaborations


Bonnie Bishoff and J.M. Syron credenza and polymer veneer collaboration.

So why not at a smaller scale? I explained what I wanted . . . .  they delivered a few samples . . . . and I played.


Then Cynthia offered a class on veneers inlayed into wood. Yes, the planets were beginning to align! I brought a few samples to class and the response was positive, so the collaboration began. Wood was turned, drilled and routed. Shapes were tested. Patterns played with.

Banyan Bay Studio has decided to ‘roll out’ the new product, customizable components, in phases. The first phase will include three pendants and two turned beads in three different woods. These will be available on their etsy website (www.banyanbaystudio.etsy.com).


But, if you have an idea, or want get a modification to these, give them a call! They are willing to do custom orders . . . . . how cool is that?!?! There will be at least one more ‘roll out’ before their big reveal at Bead and Button, June 7 to 11, 2017 in Milwaukee.

From a business point of view, you want (need) to create the largest possible market for your items . . . . what about beading around the channels . . . . what about using them with resin. Any other ideas?? Is there something special you would want to see? Let us know!

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6 Responses to Wooden Components

  1. Aida limongi says:

    This might be my favorite yet.


  2. Katharina says:

    Wow, yet again you have pushed yourself into new areas! great!


  3. LINDA K LANDY says:

    Great collaboration!


  4. Love what you did with the components! I think wood and polymer make a great combo!


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  6. Elizabeth Del Monte says:

    What a great collaboration! Love them. Good job.


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