Oh Fandango!

Fandango is an annual polymer clay retreat organized by the Orlando Area Polymer Clay Guild (oapcguild.com). It is a 5-day retreat where you are able to take three different 1-day classes from internationally known polymer clay instructors. The retreat runs from May 4 through May 8, 2017 this year.

The three instructors for 2017 are Barbara Fajado , Dayle Doroshow, and Jana Roberts Benzon. They each have something completely different to teach us. I can’t wait!!

Barb Fajardo “Mandala Flora”


Dayle Doroshow “Sculptural Books, Triptychs and Standing Screens”


Jana Roberts Benzon “Taking Flight”


In addition, there are some half-day classes offered as an option. After teaching for them the end of August, they asked if I would be interested in teaching one of these half-day classes. Of course I would!! Who wouldn’t want to be included in that group!!

The half-day classes are offered on May 4th and 7th include:

If you are interested in any of these ½ day workshops, contact the instructors directly.

The venue is Lake Yale, a laid back, woodsy and comfortable setting.  Registration includes lodging, meals and the three 1-day classes but does not include the optional half-day classes. The whole event is only $700. That is a bargain no matter how you look at it!

Registration forms are available on-line (oapcguild.com). There are a few options, but if you register before February 15th you can save $25. If you have any questions you may contact Eva (zevacat@gmail.com).

Come join the fun!!

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