Happy New Year 2017

Have you set your goals, picked your word for the year, made a list of resolutions?? Whatever works for you to prepare for the new . . . . you should do it! A fresh start always feels exciting!!

But before we do that, lets take the time to reflect upon 2016 and what you accomplished (both big and small). These years are going by so darn fast that I often miss being in the moment and let the special times whiz by without fully appreciating them. It is one of the reasons I like to keep an annual journal. It is interesting to look back and see what I recorded.

I also have fun making a new annual journal each year. It includes selecting special papers, figuring out a new binding technique or a special way to construct the book. There is always one particular thing that triggers a flurry of creativity.

I have to admit, the first year I just used a store bought ‘sketchbook’. It was a good start to see if I liked keeping a journal and if I would keep up with it. I did like it and I did keep up with it!!

The next year I got a little more creative. It was a Parcheesi board that struck my fancy and I used it as my cover and bound together 12 signatures. I loved the look of this one! But it was a hefty book to carry around.

Then I got a holiday gift that came in a cool box with a magnetic closure. I collaged the box and covers for four separate ‘books’ that fit inside the box. I thought if the books were smaller, I would be more likely to carry one around. This was a different approach and look, which I also really loved!

For 2015, I decided that I wanted to be able to hold the journal closed. It was the idea of a closure that inspired this journal. So I created one large journal with leather straps as closures. I also added some wood veneer, maps and metal numbers onto the cover. Again, a successful approach.

Then the next year I decided to have 12 individually bound signatures that could be stored in a nice cigar box that I acquired . . . . yes, I love a nice box. I carried several of these around, particularly on trips, but I didn’t consistently play with them. I had several other travel art journals, sketchbooks, journals for workshops or my bullet journal to keep me busy. There are doodles, sketches, notes, and reflections in all of these. But the 2016 annual journal was largely ignored.

I want to get back into the habit of keeping an annual journal. So I was rummaging through my stash of papers and collected treasures. I came across a sleeve of pretty pink and orange but thin cardboard that came off of a holiday package. When I opened it up and saw that it was polka dotted inside, the hunt was over!! I found my inspiration!! I reinforced the cover with chip board and a pretty handmade pink paper. Papers (both plain and painted) were cut, torn, folded and signatures were made. Each signature will be sewn together and they will be held in place with the elastic cord . . . . it’s the plan anyway.


The making of my 2017 annual journal.

I already have the making of a pretty good year. . . . . . multiple trips (nothing crazy big like last year), a couple of learning opportunities, a couple of teaching opportunities, and a new studio. Of course I am pretty sure a lot more will be added as the year progresses. And now I have a fun journal to record all my adventures!

So what do you do to get ready for the new year??

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3 Responses to Happy New Year 2017

  1. Katharina says:

    Lynn, you are amazing!


  2. Deedee says:

    I agree with Katharina! You are a true Inspiration!!!


  3. Christina says:

    I love your yearly journals. I want to be able to journal like you someday!


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