The Art Show Jurying Process

I recently had the opportunity to learn about the jurying process for an international art show, Coconut Grove Art Festival ( Katrina Delgado, the special events director graciously invited members of the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild ( to attend. It really was a wonderful learning opportunity.

This year they have over 800 submissions for about 300 booths for this annual event. We had the chance to preview many of the submissions and see some amazing work.

Each artist is evaluated on an anonymous basis. Four photos of their current body of work and a fifth photo showing their booth are projected simultaneously and the jurors have a limited amount of time to score them.

So the importance of professional photos is . . . well . . . the different between getting in the show   . . . . or not.

It takes only a little thing to distract the juror and receive a lower score. Anything that takes the view off of the artwork, like a prop, or a person, or a distracting background or words. Rookie mistakes are made too, like a photo out of focus, not cropped well, or taken from an advertisement of your work. These mistakes weren’t made often, but when they are made, it is jarring.

While I might not be ready for this caliber of art show it is something to aim for. I grew up in Coconut Grove and remember walking through this show as a kid, mesmerized by the variety of art. It has grown from a local art show started in 1963 into an international art festival with a powerhouse of artists.

It is another good reason to come to Miami in February!!

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3 Responses to The Art Show Jurying Process

  1. Deedee says:

    Loved this post! Great points- thanks for sharing!


  2. KatharinaK says:

    Thank you for sharing this. What a wonderful opportunity you had. I also found that distractions in the room form talking to being hungry or tired distract some jurors.
    I think you should submit next year just to go through the process, and you never know!


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