Still Moving Forward

Long time no see, yeah I know. Sorry about that. But good things are happening and I have plenty to share.

The class in Orlando went really well. Eleven lovely ladies joined me for our Earring Design class. Everyone successfully completed three pair of earrings. Woo-hoo!! This polymer guild is a powerhouse, organizing the annual retreat called Fandango in central Florida (

But right now I have possibly bit off more than I can chew. I am taking two on-line classes simultaneously. Both are fantastic, best on-line experience so far. Keeping up and getting the homework done is taking a chunk of time. But if you want a good on-line class experience you have to participate in it . . .  obviously!!

The first class is called 100 Drawings on Cheap Paper taught by Jane Davies ( I love her abstract paintings. The layering and depth of her work is amazing. The class is 10 weeks long and each week we complete a minimum of 10 paintings, not drawings. These are not masterpieces, they are exercises in working with lines, shapes, opacity, color, etc. It is forcing me to consider all of these things individually. I think I will be a better artist at the end of this class, regardless of medium I am working,

The second class is called Repetition and Gradation, part of a Creative Design Series that is being taught by Christine Dumont and Donna Greenberg ( This is a much faster paced 5 week class and its hard. Okay, not hard, but definitely challenging. Most of the people taking this class work in polymer clay, but not all. Some are artists that I have admired for years (so yes, I am intimidated)!! The class is focusing on the design principals of repetition and gradation and all the ways they might impact a piece of art. For example, they may create movement or establish an emotion, all in the way they are used. Fascinating!

In addition, I am off to Atlanta in the middle of both classes to . . . . . wait for it . . . . take a polymer clay workshop!

Creative Journey Studio ( is a beautiful gallery and store with a line up of workshops that has me coming back on a regular basis. This workshop is The Secrets of Inlay with Cynthia Tinapple. She is well known for her blog that is filled with inspiration and information as she keeps her finger on the pulse of the polymer clay community. Her polymer work focuses on combining polymer veneers and wood, many can be seen by doing a search on her blog (

Okay, I overbooked myself. Well, to be honest, I always overbook myself. I have a thing about being busy and productive. I am sure there is a label for it, but for now I am just going to call it fun!

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3 Responses to Still Moving Forward

  1. KatharinaK says:

    Life is short, keep taking classes

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elizabeth Del Monte says:

    and fun it is….enjoy!

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  3. Anita says:

    All those earrings look gorgeous, Elizabeth! That’s a talented bunch of people. ☺
    And wow that is a whole lot of classes! Have fun!


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