Opening the Door to Opportunities!!

So I get a call the other day. Someone I hadn’t heard from in a few years has moved and is now an active member in the Orlando Area Polymer Clay Guild ( They were looking for someone to teach at their monthly meeting and she recommended me!! To say that my head swelled a bit is an understatement . . . . and I said YES before I knew the specifics!

Well I have submitted classes and they picked one called Earring Design. It will be a one-day class that combines polymer clay and wire working, teaches everyone how to make their own earring wires (or posts) and addresses some of the mechanics of executing an earring design.

There are so many options for earrings, as artists why should we limit ourselves to a manufactured earring wire? If we put the effort into creating a great little earring, lets take it all the way!

LYuhr earring design simpleLYuhr-earring design class samples

I do love teaching. I tend to focus on technique classes rather than project classes.  I have been told by a student that it is like drinking from a fire hose  . . .  I need to work on that. Although everyone always leaves class with several finished pieces. And while I have taught classes since 2009, this one makes me a bit nervous. I hope I can meet expectations and everyone leaves happy!

I will follow-up with class photos! I promise!!


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4 Responses to Opening the Door to Opportunities!!

  1. Linda says:

    Love the earrings
    don’t worry I know you’ll do a wonderful job‼️


  2. says:

    It will be wonderful. Earring are fun an you are a great instructor. Good luck!


  3. KatharinaK says:

    Loved seeing all the different earring wires. And no worries! You are a great teacher.


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