Spontaneity and the Internet

Bad combination you say? Late at night even?? Okay, okay . . . . here’s what happened.

It was last Thursday night. I was trolling my favorite blogs and websites and came across a polymer clay tool that I had thought about buying before, but was holding off on purchasing, showing some level of control (it is occasionally possible). It is an extruder from Lucy Clay Tools (www.lucyclaystore.com). Lucy is a young polymer clay artist in the Czech Republic. She has come up with a whole line of polymer clay tools that are very interesting (extruders, slicers, cutters along with tutorials).

Anyway, I made a decision that I “needed” to try out her extruder. I teach a 2-day polymer clay class called “Extruding the Possibilities”. It is a technique class where we explore what you can do with extruded polymer clay. Every time I teach this class I find something new being done with the extruder and it is added to the list. The creativity in the polymer clay community with this one type of tool is really amazing! Below is a one of the samples I use in class showing just a few of the very basic extruding techniques.


I also cover all the various tools, their pros and cons, where you can get them and I even have one of everything . . . except the one from Lucy Clay Tools. Until now, that is.


IMG_2115 (1)

So the order was placed late Thursday night, order shipped on Friday and Monday morning I receive my International Federal Express box with my new tools!! Woo-hoo . . . . thank you Lucy!

I am anxious to play with my new extruder and give it a test run. Of course I need to clear a space off my desk in the studio in order to do that . . . . but that is another story!

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  1. KatharinaK says:

    Another interesting blog!


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