Artiest Review – the good, the bad and the ugly

First let me say there was no bad and there was no ugly. The art trades, the classes and vendor night, it was ALL good, really good!!

Artist trades were very well received, yeah!! . . . . . but I made a rookie mistake. I failed to put any identifier on my trade (no business card, no little piece of paper with my name, nothing!). Waa-Waa!!

The format of the retreat allowed you to take a class from all six instructors. The artists were a diverse, talented group that all had different techniques to share. They were short classes, 3 hours. This was by design. So often when taking a class, especially one that introduces a new technique, we, as students, make three mistakes, (okay at least three mistakes):

  • we over think the process,
  • we want our finished product to be fantastic piece of art and
  • we don’t just let go, and experience the new.

So the 3-hour class did help by forcing us to work quickly and not overthink things. My journal pages are far from being completed. I struggled with a couple of the classes, they pushed me WAY out of my comfort zone. But I am generally happy with the pages. I learned a lot and will experiment with some of these techniques on my own.







Vendor night was a great opportunity. My BFF kept me calm and provided unconditional support as we approached the event (I have a great BFF!!). It was an amazing, 1-hour purchasing frenzy! I received great feedback and even sold a few pieces. While I could not have filled a whole table . . . a half of a table is really, really, really small!


The venue was also pretty cool. It was out of the way and I would not have experienced that area otherwise. the town of Port Townsend was so inviting.

The facility was a 100-year old military base that is now a state park overlooking the Puget Sound. Simply gorgeous, deer everywhere, historic buildings, and new sculptures! One of my favorite things was watching a group of young boys playing on the beach. Keep in mind I was in my jacket with a scarf and these kids were wearing shorts and some without shirts!! They had built a fort, used driftwood as weapons and created another world that was all theirs!!






I also appreciate the efforts that go into planning and carrying out such an event. It is HUGE. Thank you to Teesha Moore (, she did another amazing job. What a great little adventure, I can’t wait for the next one!!

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2 Responses to Artiest Review – the good, the bad and the ugly

  1. I think your pages are amazing. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you could practice on us by showing us how to do some of it.


  2. KatharinaK says:

    You look great in the photo. So admire you for keeping up the posts.


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