Travel Journals

I have always tried to document family events, particularly traveling. I started with the scrapbooking and then evolved toward more journaling and sketching as the kids grew up. The journaling and sketching became more my thing . . . was done strictly for me . .  . and I really enjoyed it.

I started using a dedicated travel journal when my sister-in-law gave me a beautifully hand-bound leather journal as a gift right before a big trip we were going on together. After that I was hooked!

As I learned more about making my own books and journals everything seemed to click. I love trying different binding techniques, papers and art supplies. So now before every trip I make a travel journal.

Here are a few I have done over the years.

my handbound travel journals 2


I am currently working on my journal for our next BIG trip to New Zealand and Transpacific Cruise. Yeah, I am spoiled rotten and very lucky, I know it.

The process I follow generally includes an initial inspiration of some kind. It is usually weird, like a box or image/pattern on something. For this journal I found a sheet of decorative paper that was an old world map. I used this for the front and back covers, strategically cutting out the areas we were going to be traveling.

For the inside covers, I had some wrapping paper I bought years ago that had a very aboriginal design.

travel journal covers inside 1

I then went through the papers I had been collecting over a period of time that might be used for this journal. Some made the cut, some didn’t and there were even new ones added. I like to have a variety of papers in different sizes, different weights and some with folds and flaps. Signatures get made and it gets bound together.

travel journal paperstravel journal signatures

travel journal 3

Okay, okay, one might suggest that I paint and decorate the pages in each signature BEFORE I bind them together, but . . . . I find that binding things together gives me a great sense of accomplishment and if I pay attention, I can usually keep the paint, pens, pastels, sprays, inks, etc. onto the intended pages (but not always).

These pages might look messy or incomplete, but they are intended to provide a starting point.  I also leave many pages blank.  I will continue tweaking the journal before we actually go on the trip. I might add some collage or a stamp or two.  And I have found that no matter what I add, it always seems to work out on the trip. So I don’t overthink it!

This trip is coming up soon, I can’t wait to play in my journal.

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1 Response to Travel Journals

  1. Deedee says:

    Way to go! Love the post! You know I am a HUGE fan of you and your journals! Keep up the great work/play.😀


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