Just Look Around

There is the obvious inspiration that surrounds you when you visit an exhibition at a museum. This was no different at the Norton Museum’s BIJOUX 2016. The energy and creative spirit was palpable with the 37 artists of contemporary art jewelry. They all stood at attention behind the uniform display cabinets that provided a level playing field of sorts and they pitched their work.

What struck me was the simple materials used, patterns cast or soldered, textures created actually using natural elements and the forms pushing the boundaries of function. The diversity of style was amazing yet all of the jewelry could be described as light and airy while making a huge impact.

These exhibits are unique opportunities for inspiration. However, there is also inspiration all around us and readily available everyday. It might be found on regular neighborhood walks,


driving along a highway,


visiting your local botanical gardens (Fairchild Botanical Gardens) or

historical site (Deering Estate)

Take some time to look around and get inspired!!

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1 Response to Just Look Around

  1. KatharinaK says:

    This was a great post! I loved the inspiring photos of nature!!!


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