A Pinball Machine

That’s what my head feels like after taking a workshop and its all good! Ideas bouncing around . . . not sure what direction to go in . . . so many fun choices . . . energy level is soaring! Well it was no different this weekend after a two-day workshop with Melanie Muir (www.melaniemuir.com) .


The workshop was based upon her Lichen Shard Necklace (see previous post). We had a cozy group of 15 students that were all equally inspired by different aspects of the techniques being taught. For example, her take on mokume gane, the way she plays with color, the finishing process or her clever engineering. As a veteran workshop-junkie (there should be support groups for this), it is always fun to see the reactions of others simply in awe of what can be done!


I love bringing people together to share in these experiences. I still get giddy as I see new ideas or techniques being used with polymer clay and the variations between artists and students.

The next thing for me however, is using what I have learned and incorporating aspects of it into my own work. Making a piece that looks like the instructors is great, don’t get me wrong (see mine below). It confirms that I have the technique/process under my belt and it is all a part of the learning process. But as an artist, I need to create the degrees of separation from their work to mine. So you see their influence, not their direct work. It is hard and only happens when you put in the hours.


So a big, BIG thank you to Melanie from the Miami group for her wonderful class!! And a special thanks to Polyform Products for donating the clay for the class. It was great and I love the new graphite pearl color!!

Melanie is off to participate in the BIJOUXI 2016 at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach. The show is running from Thursday February 25th through Sunday February 28th. Go up and see her new collection along with many other contemporary art jewelers.

I am off to play and put in some hours!



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4 Responses to A Pinball Machine

  1. Deedee says:

    Lynn, Thanks for another amazing workshop and for all that you do!!!! Love the post and looking forward to more!


  2. KatharinaK says:

    I love your necklace!


  3. Christina says:

    Lynn, your necklace is beautiful. What does the clasp look like? It is hidden in the photo.


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