Or was it Being Shot Out of a Cannon?!?

It is amazing what happens when you put yourself out there! In the middle of getting the blog together, I was going through the blogs I am addicted to, one of them is Cynthia Tinapple’s Polymer Clay Daily (www.polymerclaydaily.com). She has dedicated this blog to all things polymer and keeps her finger on the pulse of this global community. In preparation for Valentine’s Day, she asked for hearts to be submitted.

I had played with some heart designs a few years ago. It was just an experiment where I was able to let my hands and head play, with no expectations. Queen of Hearts, Soaring Mended Hearts and Heart that Can’t Decide! It was fun. Then they sat on my pile of ‘well that was nice’, what’s next? Until I thought, sure why not. I shot a quick photo, formulated my e-mail and sat there with my finger poised over the submit button. Can I tell you how nervous I was??? Silly, I know. When I finally submitted, I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly forgot about it. Nothing was going to happen that rocked my world, good grief!


Okay, my world didn’t rock, but it did giggle a little when I saw my hearts on her blog today!! Thanks Cynthia!!

So put yourself out there, stop over thinking it and do something out of your box!

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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